REBORN - Vinyl Album

REBORN - Vinyl Album


Annika Andersson (formerly Salminen) is back on the blues rock scene. With her new band, The Boiling Blues Band, she is more than ready to take her place back in the world of music. Her debut album is named "Reborn" and was released 9th april 2019.

On the album you’ll find everything Annika Andersson has collected over the years; strength, hard work and a rough attitude. It was not obvious that Annika would return to the scene. But when her brother Jari wrote a song for her birthday, both he and Annika realized that it is in the music - and on the stage - she truely belongs. Most of the songs are written by her brother Jari (Buck Jones). The album was recorded in Park Studio and Studio Dubious with Christoffer Roth as engineer and Gunnar Muvemba Lindström as producer.

Annika Andersson - Vocals
Johan Östergård - Guitar
Ola Göransson - Drums
Morgan Korsmoe - Bass

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