Annika Andersson & The Boiling Blues Band
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-Little Trixter-
The New Single


From the upcoming album -Reborn-
Out now on all digital platforms



“Little Trixter”

The first single from the upcoming album “Reborn” is here!



The official music video for
“Little Trixter”

Made by:
LoEmma Nilsson


Annika Andersson & the Boiling Blues Band

REBORN - She’s Back.

Then, Dead End 5, 1976-1978.

Dead End 5 was at the time Finlands only real punkrock band. They were way ahead of their time - hardcore punk music and controversial performances - with Annika Andersson (former Salminen) on vocals.

Now, The Boiling Blues band, 2019.

The queen of blues-rock is back, and she’s got herself some new young blood. With the album ”Reborn” Annika is releasing brand new music written by Buck Jones. Arrangements by The Boiling Blues band and recorded in PARK Studio, Stockholm.

Produced by Gunnar Muvemba Lidström and technician Cristoffer Roth.

Label: AdHouse.

The Boiling Blues Band in the studio

The Boiling Blues Band in the studio


Annika Andersson
Lead Vocals

Johan Östergård

Morgan Korsmoe

Ola Göransson


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